Sunday, October 10, 2010

Farewell to Wronghole (european call out)

Our boy Jason is off to Israel for 5 weeks, then moving to Paris for a year chasing the dream
bummed you are leaving, but super stoked for you Bro!!

all you cats out the in France / Europe get in touch with me and ill put you in touch with Jason

Jasom is a righteous dude and a rad photgreapher
check his site HERE and his BLOG


  1. Yah Man see ya later Bro !......we will miss ya at the "ice planet " in the winter .....Down one body heater !..........maybe by the time ya get back yer sporty will be a trike in purple metal flake !.....later bro take care ......."Mother"

  2. For sure man......have a good trip! the "planet hoth" will miss you this year! Bring us back some hot french turn outs!