Friday, April 1, 2011

uh oh

I got my self a retarded long bike project
vl frame/ 5 foot long hd springer
was a show bike in the bay area back in the day...lots of neat little things on the frame/ little whizzer tank


  1. You RULE! I'm so stoked for you guys, that's an amazing project!

  2. That thing has changed hands a lot in the last few years! always wanted it...

  3. I think I just saw that for sale a little while ago somewhere and was thinking about snatching it up myself. Stoked its in the great white north aha good luck with it man

  4. Grant ive heard a few people say that..I remember seeing it somewhere a couple years back, guy I got it from is on the east coast
    think Dave tried to buy it a few years ago, it will be at born free..probably not this this year unless I lose my mind and go crazy on it

    Nicke, you think it would fit in your van for the trip to the jokers show!? ha

  5. electrical thru the tank !.....aaaah i love acid !!!!!!