Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mural for Lovestory's new van

This is what Id like to see painted on Lovestory's new hauler - Ideally, with his face on the dolphin mounted gentleman.
If you have any other suggestions - send them into - We will post them up.

Things we like - Lasers out of eyeballs, Wizards, Ladies with axes, Wolves, Majestic Horses, Pink Floyd related artwork, Fireworks, Magical forests, and pictures of animals with tusks of any kind.

Dolphins are awesome too.


  1. i like the dolphin idea for sure

  2. It's almost perfect, for me the women need to be topless and the guy should probably be black...or black dolphins, the choppers of the sea

  3. "choppers of the sea" just killed me, so good.