Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big F"red"

tranny town 10am wig touchup/ hairspray,
hey a guy dressed like a chick sucking dick for 5 bucks for freaks on the way to work has gotta look good right?
m gonna start taking photos of these tranny jons and post em up, the people are unreal
another day in paradise
big Fred

Another lovely story from a week or so ago, out walking homer at 8 in the morning, a 53 foot trailer is parked in front of my shop, a gnarly old tranny gets out of the cab of a truck as two dudes get in the front seats and does the junkie peck walk over and says

Question"Hey hun have you seen any dentures on your walk? i take em out when i'm working and I cant find em"
Me: No
Him/ Her: Fuck you

as Im walking home trying not to puke a limo pulls up to the other corner and drops 3 trannys including Big Momma who looks like a fat tranny Leguizamo


  1. You are living the dream my friend!!!

  2. crazy scene down by the tracks. Even if she looks good, it's a man. I said what's up to a tranny a long time ago. I said, "what's up bro?" The tranny said " i got a bigger dick then you" i liked that come back.....TL

  3. you know it norm!!!
    yep it something fucked up pretty much everyday. bigger dick is a nice one, ive heard them say suck my dick and they called a buddy riding by yesterday a fag which I thought was pretty rad.