Friday, December 31, 2010

this is what our new years is..

This is what me and Neale will be doing for the next couple days, emptying 4 barns full of Brit parts and bringing them home..more pics and big news when we get back..guy bought up a bunch of dealerships when they closed
10's of thousands of parts pics are just tip of the iceburg.. ALL coming back with us by the truckload


  1. nice stash got to love the feeling of a score and being forced to like brit stuff because of it..

  2. Smiths Speedos or Amal Carbs and I am interested in buying! Or anything Norton!

  3. DAMN, I was wondering where that stuff was going to go...good deal!

  4. Eugene - We did get some Norton Stuff - Chaincases, gasket sets etc..
    Will take a little time to sort through, but Mail me at - let me know what you need. Johnny R.