Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wal Phillips Fuel Injectors

The guys over at Williamson Metal Works got their hands on a set of these old Fuel Injectors!
I had never seen / heard of them before and theyre AWESOME! Supposedly they can be 'tuned' but adjusting the butterfly valve... but they are so simple that it seems they would only act as an ON / OFF switch for the gas - All or Nothing! I really dont think that idling was ever an option with these - As always, I stand to be corrected.

Heres some stuff I dug up about them, and about the man who
made them back in the day. Some background info acquired from

Walter Hartley Phillips (1908 - 1998), known as Wal, was born in Tottenham, North London. He had a natural ability for things mechanical and by his early teens had put together a motorcycle from junk and spare parts. He wanted to be a race rider and financed his first ambitions by taking part-time jobs.

In 1928 the first dirt track meeting at High Beech saw Wal as one of the 30,000 spectators but he was not very impressed with the sport of speedway compared to the thrills of hammering around the Brooklands circuit. Fortunately for speedway, Wal was to go to another meeting. This was at Stamford Bridge where the American Lloyd 'Sprouts' Elderdemonstrated the technique of 'broadsiding' under floodlight conditions.

As one of the first home-grown riders to see off the Australians, he became a national hero and was part of the team picked for the first test against the Australians at Wimbledon in 1930. In 1932 Wal appeared in the Star Championship final and in 1936 he was to appear in the first World Championships at Wembley.

Wal remained an important figure in the sport for many years and was elected President of the Veteran Speedway Riders Association in 1968.

Wal Phillips is now equally well known as the inventor of a fuel injection system for motorcycle and small automobile engines. The system was intended as a high performance replacement for the Amal carburettors


  1. Dude I've owned a few of these over the years, they're pretty cool, more of a floatless carb than an injector, complex in the same way as a Posa/Lake 'injector' but would probably work pretty good on some small cubic inch racing motor, they have a super long venturi compared to the Posa/Lake 'injectors' so that'll make up for a bit more steady idling and stuff... Good post.

  2. good stuff rwanda, thanks for the extra info Nicke!

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