Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Anvil Machine is the name of a shop / blog / library of good shit run by our good friend Dean AKA 'Mother' AKA 'The Doc'
The reason we call him the Doc is because the man can fix ANYTHING on 2 wheels. He has a massive amount of knowledge about almost anything bike related - be it American, British / European or Japanese.

1st Day I met Dean I was relatively new to the motorcycle world. I was stuck on the side of the road, and he stopped his (completely rebuilt) BSA to give me a hand. He had me back on the road in 15 minutes and that, was that - he was off.
No thanks needed. Nothing.
Something he said to me that day has always stuck - He said - If you see a biker stuck on the side of the road - You stop. It doesnt matter what kind of bike it is.
That wasnt the last time he would help get my beloved piece of shit motorcycle home...

Dean is 1 of those people who doesnt say much - when he does choose to speak usually its a really dark / funny analogy for something you all noticed but didnt have the balls to say. Alternatively, its a really valuable nugget of bike / motor / frame knowledge that he has stashed away in the extensive library that is his brain.

Dean - I really value the help you have given me these few years - Cheers Mate.

Check out 'The Docs' blog here. ANVIL MACHINE

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  1. One of the Few people in this world i can call a True friend is Neale ! Thank you for the Kind words .....Dean .......FTW